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Supercharged participant management

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Ethnio has streamlined our research ops without sacrificing a fantastic experience for participants and researchers. We were stuck using a clunky tool that wasn’t designed to streamline our research process. Then we found Ethnio ✨ Ansaria MohammedSenior UX Researcher at Turo

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How CarMax Goes Fishing with Ethnio
Don't be scared of sharks, drowning, or not having scheduled research participants
Efficiency, Cake, & Response Rates 🎂
How Thumbtack uses Ethnio to complete the layers of their Research Ops workflow.
Global research branding and incentives
Duolingo uses Ethnio to power global incentives program because the platform is efficient, effective, and scalable.
Intercepts and live UX research
Intercepts and scheduling and incentives
Taking a Leap into Targeted Mobile Intercepts
Targeting mobile user with Ethnio's pass-through variables
Dementia and User Research
Reaching people affected by dementia, in-the-moment, with intercepts.
Adding NPS to the mix
Surveys, Pool, & Insurance
Supercharged participant management
Turo needed a single source of truth for research operations, and a participant management tool that cares about the little things. Enter, Ethnio.