Uptime 99.99%
Error Rate 0.02%

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99.99% uptime.
0 critical errors.

Ethnio is commited to using best practice monitoring and optimization tools to keep performance high. We currently use New Relic to give us greater visibility across the entire infrastructure, and Pingdom for uptime monitoring.

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Check out our live uptime time stats which are maintained off-domain and monitored every few milliseconds.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Minimum webpage / JavaScript connect time is less than 1.0 second 80% of the time, 2.0 seconds 90% of the time, and 4.0 seconds 100% of the time.

Ethnio will maintain at least an average server response time for screeners, the main object in Ethnio, or 15ms or less. This time only shows how fast Ethnio servers process requests and give responses. Transfer time to and from user servers can differ depending on just about a million variables. Read all about it here.

Intercepts that don’t interfere

In addition to every possible caching, content delivery, network, and performance capability, Ethnio Intercepts can and should be limited to a narrow subset of your app or web visitors. The goal of Ethnio is to find the right participants for research, not bombard your infrastructure with needless requests.

Restrict Ethnio to this interval:


By using detailed display interval controls ranging from hard percentages to limiters to scheduling screeners, you can ensure no performance or UX interruptions by Ethnio.

Optimization & Monitoring

Optimization & Monitoring

We've been optimizing the performance, stability, and caching of our JavaScript for over five years now — with our JS being implemented on many of the largest sites and apps in the world.
The average server response time for screeners is about 824ms. This time shows how fast Ethnio servers process requests and give responses.