Toyota has a long-standing tradition of prioritizing customer insights. From design to launch and marketing, the company strives to deliver products that resonate with their target audience. When Toyota launched the new Land Cruiser, they wanted to track brand sentiment.Ethnio web intercepts offer the perfect path.

There’s a research life cycle that guides us, and we take into account the consumer’s voice every step of the way.Beatris DiazConsumer Insights Manager, Toyota Truck Team

The legacy of the Land Cruiser dates back to 1958. It’s one of the most iconic vehicles in the world, and the potential positive brand impact for the redesigned 2024 model is massive for Toyota.

Challenge: understanding how potential buyers reacted to the new design, features, and brand image.

Toyota needed to understand how potential buyers reacted to the new design, features, and the overall brand image of the Land Cruiser. This feedback would be critical for informing their marketing strategies and ensuring they resonated deeply with the target audience.

Solution: Ethnio's web intercepts provided Toyota with a real-time pulse on customer sentiment during the Land Cruiser launch.

Our targeting options allowed Toyota to reach specific visitor segments, interested for example in off-road capabilities or advanced technology features.

Supporting multiple logic types and paths(and an average load time of 8ms) without taking Toyota’s site visitors away from their experience while gathering valuable feedback. Ensuring the most relevant insights to inform their marketing strategies. Additionally, the ability to customize the surveys ensured they aligned perfectly with Toyota's brand identity, creating a cohesive user experience.