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Get the latest alerts for your screener respondents inside a Slack channel or Direct Message. Configure alerts for different teams or Slack groups and customize exactly which answers yield an alert so you don’t clutter your team’s Slack with even more messages.

Video / Web Meetings
Video / Web Meetings
Video / Web Meetings
Video / Web Meetings

Video / Web Meetings

Use your preferred web meeting / remote video tool for 1:1 or group remote moderated research sessions by pasting the URL into Ethnio so your participants automatically receive the right details via email and calendar invite.

Currently the meeting URLs are static, but dynamic web meeting URL creation is on the roadmap. If you need to be able to authenticate with your web meeting of choise so you can dynamically create a new URL for each participant, stay tuned.


See automatic updates from your Ethnio recruiting schedule in your calendar of choice with a secure one-way calendar subscription from iCal, Outlook, or gCal. Keep track of the latest scheduled participants and send calendar subscription links to your team so they can receive automatic updates as well.

Two-way integration coming soon where you can sync your availability with Ethnio.

Import / Export
Import / Export

Import / Export

Automatically import your gSheet with recipients for incentives or export data to XLSX with formatting from Screener Responses to save you time with headers and coding. Upload CSVs of your own participants with custom column mapping if you’re using Ethnio Pool.


If you’d like to qualify and screen participants for your online research, using any tool, Ethnio integrates with several 3rd party testing tools to receive completed respondents back in Ethnio automatically. Like with the video / web meeting tools, you can use 3rd Party URLs of any kind with Ethnio, but our integrations let you automatically view and pay completed participants right from inside Ethnio.


Really any 3rd Party URL


Post Preview

Sharing your Ethnio screener on LinkedIn or elsewhere on social media? You’ve probably seen the “Post Preview” that pulls an image, title, and description before so your post gets more engagement. With Ethnio you can control all of those elements which the engineers call “OG Tags.”

Don’t see an integration?

Don’t see a tool on the list you need? Let us know at and we just might add it for you.

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Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at or call (888) 879 7439

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Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at or call (888) 879 7439