Research Incentives

Pay your participants anywhere in the world
Pay your participants anywhere in the world

Pay your participants anywhere in the world

Send electronic rewards like Amazon, PayPal, eGift cards, and dozens of other payment methods in any currency to anywhere in the world. You can pay up to 1,000 recipients at a time, from any source.

  • Four clicks for recipients and no weird accounts
    Your recipients don’t have to jump through any hoops to get their money. It’s called a great PIE.
  • Cost-of-living & currency rounding
    Ethnio automatically converts to euros, pounds, pesos, or any other currency that suits your recipients, and rounds amounts.
  • Amazon, PayPal, Charity, and 50+ methods
    Amazon in 13 countries, Virtual Visa in 40 currencies, eGift cards like Starbucks, and more. Scroll on down.

72,659 research incentives issued to 150 countries

Designed from the ground up for UX research and research operations to pay incentives globally for all types of research

Any currency. Any language.
Any currency. Any language.
Any currency. Any language.

Any currency. Any language.

You control currency, language, and branding on every email your participants receive and every web page where they choose payment methods. This could be a blind study, or a perfect match to your research team.

  • Localize or customize every email and link
    No generic pages or weird accounts required for your recipients
  • Build trust with branding
    Make sure your research participants don’t think their compensation is a phishing scam
  • Blind payments also work
    Need to keep your study anonymous? No problem. Send rewards as Ethnio or any entity you like.
Courtney Donnelly

Paying participants with Ethnio is amazing. Incentives are easy to disperse, participants love choosing their own rewards, and it's a lifesaver for accounting. I'll never send an Amazon-only reward again!

50+ Payment Methods

50+ Payment Methods

Reward your participants with choice. Are you used to offering one single incentive payment method, like Amazon, because it’s been a huge pain to offer more? No more. Instantly pay with eGift cards, Amazon, PayPal, Global Virtual Visa, Uber, or even charity donations.

  • Fast redeem and no account required
    We never ask recipients to create yet another account somewhere. 4+ clicks and done.
  • Automatic country detection
    Your recipients only see payment methods that work in their country, unless you lock the order.
  • Donate to charity and feel great
    Not allowed to pay your participants? They can choose from several charities that work globally.
Tracking and reports
Tracking and reports

Tracking and reports

Get weekly or monthly reports on spending and CC to any email in your organization. See every aspect of the rewards experience, from whether someone has opened an email, clicked on a link, or fully redeemed their reward. Easily search for participants by name, email, or even activity date.

  • Re-send and view every click, redeem, etc
    View exactly who has redeemed, opened an email, and re-send if necessary
  • Export data
    Specify date range and export to CSV
  • Automated reports
    Get weekly or monthly spending reports sent to you or your stakeholders
$ ?

24 hour international support
for recipients & customers

Money is important, and we make sure your recipients feel good about theirs

Permissions, limits, and enterprise control
Permissions, limits, and enterprise control
Permissions, limits, and enterprise control

Permissions, limits, and enterprise control

Easily divide up who has access to specific screeners and manage your research better by only allocating projects to those who need them. Restrict any one recipient to a maximum amount per year, or setup limits for your own team members. Ethnio will automatically show you the total amount across all studies that a given recipient has been paid.

  • Limit participant yearly incentives for taxes
    Make sure nobody gets more than $600/yr to avoid 1099/tax issues, across all studies.
  • Organize large projects
    Assign specific permissions to groups so you can easily drag and drop screeners on the go
  • Include restrictive access
    Share permission with all team members or restrict access to specific groups or individuals.
Flexible Funding
Flexible Funding

Flexible Funding

Pay with a pre-paid invoice balance that never expires. Set Permissions on each pre-funded invoice, and choose which team members can spend money on a given invoice.

  • Pay with an invoice – 0% fees
    Either via ACH or physical check, you pre-pay incentive credits and the credits never expire
  • Pay via credit card – 6% fees
    If you’d like to pay with a credit card, we have to charge processing fees
  • PayPal – 0% fees
    Ethnio accepts payment via PayPal, not to be confused with paying your participants via PayPal, which is also a feature.

Enterprise Security, Privacy, SSO/SAML 2.0, and more

Want to transmit via SSL? Ethnio supports whatever protocol you’d like, and we only have access to data stored in your screeners for support issues. We’ve been audited in detail for security by companies ranging from Facebook to Oracle. You can read in detail about our security in this PDF.

Security Overview