A casual series of events for researchers, designers, PM’s, and anyone interested in product research
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Why do we put on these research events?

You know how there are a ton of design, engineering, and product events, but very few dedicated UX Research events? We do these casual research events with the goal of giving researchers, designers, PMs, and anyone interested in human behavior a place to meet and learn without the formality of a large conference.

The idea is to create small local events where UX researchers and other product team members can come and discuss both entry-level and advanced topics.

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Most of these events sell out way in advanced, which is as shocking to us as it might be to you. Get notified first so you don’t miss out.

Interested in hosting?

We depend on the kindness of hosts in Southern California and beyond to provide sweet conference rooms, big open areas with projectors, and any other venue that might be rad. Please contact us if you have a lead on a venue or would like to host:

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