Training packages and research operations training available for your team as part of Enterprise plans

Training for your team

A huge part of integrating Ethnio into your team’s research workflow is making sure everything is setup properly. We start every Enterprise customer with a whole lot of listening to understand your specific needs for Ethnio.

Once we fully understand your needs, it’s time to dive into the tool and show you how to manage and track every stage of the research lifecycle. Everything from column mapping on Uploads, filtering and segmentation, to sending out email distributions.

Security is also a top priority, so we help provide the steps to set up SSO, DKIM, and two-factor authentication.

Service Credits on Managed Plans

To help ensure Ethnio dedicates the right resources, mostly, engineering and support infrastructure, to build and support workflow unique to each Enterprise Customer, we’ve created a system of service credits on certain Managed Enterprise plans.The credits are flexible and gives each Customer the ability to allocate engineering, support, training, and workflow resources to their account.

Learn about training with Enterprise plans

What you’ll get

  • Kick off and team setup
  • Custom branding, templates, and workflow
  • Dedicated support team on managed plans
  • Onboarding / training customized to your team as part of managed plans
  • Testing, launch review, and everything you need to start uploading, intercepting, scheduling, and paying your participants.