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Screener Design Best Practices

When designing screeners, the top goals are usually to find the best participants, get a high conversion rate, and to give your respondents the best UX. We asked some of our customers to share their best practices when it comes to screener design.[Read more.]

Dementia & User Research

Dementia, which includes Alzheimer's disease, is now the biggest killer in the U.K. and has higher health and social care costs than cancer and heart disease combined. Dementia also places a significant burden of care on family members and all those around them.[Read more.]

Donate a portion of rewards to charity 🕊

Make the world a little better by allowing research recipients to share a percentage of their reward with 40+ global charities. Crazy stat: since launch, we have seen a 325% increase in donations to charity 🕊[Read more.]

Surveys, Pool, & Insurance

Sending targeted email invites to multiple lists of potential participants is a breeze with Ethnio Pool. I have lots of sources for my quant and qual participants, so I needed one place to upload, email, survey, and track all my participants in one place. Full disclosure, I used Ethnio in my last role at Airbnb where I basically invented their Pool product. True story. (Editor’s note: true story, and lots of other Pool case studies here)lots of other Pool case studies here[Read more.]

Dyson International Intercepts

Dyson was tasked with recruiting visitors to their Japanese site for 1:1 interviews with their Japanese site visitors, and running that concurrently with an intercept on their U.K. site for 1:1 interviews with their U.K. site visitors. As anyone that's conducted concurrent qual research in multiple languages knows, the logistics around screening, scheduling, testing, and payment can be quite substantial. Here's how Ethnio helped.[Read more.]

Five sweet new features 🍬

Check out the major updates below to see what's already live in Ethnio for 2021. Thank you to all our customers and research friends who gave us feedback on these features. Details below![Read more.]

Hi Senior Rails Dev

If you've worked for 4+ years with Rails, JS, and React and are interested in serious architecture challenges in a fast-moving environment that helps UX researchers around the world, join the Ethnio team! Elegant code and complex UX / design problems, all from pretty much anywhere in the world. [Read more.]

The Participant Incentive Experience (PIE)

After paying 140,000 research participants all over the world on behalf of 300 UX researchers and their teams, thought we’d share some lessons learned to help you treat your participants right.[Read more.]

Taking a Leap into Mobile Intercepts with Ethnio

Our User Research team saw an area ripe for discovery and developed an objective to better understand our mobile users. In particular, we wanted to know how they were using JSTOR on a mobile device and how their mobile activity fit into their larger workflow.[Read more.]

A Unique Approach to Site Intercepts

At larger organizations and government agencies, there are strict controls over what kind of intercepts can appear. Sometimes there are clever ways to implement Ethnio as an intercept without placing JavaScript. [Read more.]

#AR2020 Contest!

We're excited to be giving away one free ticket + $1k travel stipend to the first ever Rosenfeld Advancing Research conference at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York on March 30th - April 1st, 2020. The contest is judged by the esteemed Steve Portigal and here's how to win:[Read more.]

Security Improvements for 2020

Ethnio is always looking to keep the data you share with us secure and private. That’s why we're working hard on our 2020 SOC 2 certification across the whole organization, expanded vulnerability management, new security policies, and more advanced penetration tests.  [Read more.]

UXRConf 2019

We were proud to sponsor UX Research Conf in Toronto, and even more proud to receive 50+ creative poems about UX Research as part of our contest for a free ticket. And the grand prize winner was...[Read more.]

Small Teams Need Research to be Streamlined

Indiegogo gives entrepreneurs everywhere a platform to bring their ideas to life, powered by a community of backers. More than ‘just’ crowdfunding, Indiegogo is becoming the most innovative solution to launch direct-to-consumer businesses worldwide. And as we’ve made this evolution, it’s been paramount to really understand our users’ needs every step of the way.   [Read more.]

What's new with Ethnio

Over the last few weeks we've launched some fantastic new features for our lovely Ethnio customers. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback and tried it out. Here are a few important updates you should know about.Note: for all the current Ethnio hotness, check out[Read more.]

How a Large Finance Company uses Pool

I was dealing with a situation internally where compliance was blocking all user research. When I started looking at my yearly research plan, I knew that managing a new beta group was a key research goal and sparked my interest in looking at our tools. [Read more.]

UXR Participant Coordinator

This position has been filled as of Oct, 2021. Thank you for your interest!We're excited to have an entry-level position open for folks looking to get into the UX Research field. This is a role that involves helping conduct participant recruiting for UXR studies, as well as support and train our customers doing their own participant recruiting, and some opportunities to conduct research with customers as well.[Read more.]

UX Research Community in LA

We're excited to be hosting ongoing UX Research Nights around LA— Check out all the events from! You can find slides from the events, mentor links, and resources for UX Research in Southern California in this post below, and also: 34 photos from the event!All the tweets that went out with #uxrnIf you ever want to learn about Ethnio, talk to Shirin our head of customer success[Read more.]

Screener Design Best Practices

Let’s talk about how many questions per page, how many pages in a screener, when to collect P.I.I,, and other issues relating to screener design. We’ll assume your goals are roughly to get the best participants, highest conversion rate, and give your respondents the best UX. [Read more.]

How CarMax Goes Fishing with Ethnio

“What were you doing before we interrupted you?”That’s the main question researchers ask visitors during monthly “fishing trips.” They don’t need a lake, fishing rods, or live bait; equipped with sticky notes and sharpies they step into a conference room, turn on ethnio, and start randomly reeling in customers. The catch? Their entire company is invited to view the wild results, live, and no participants are scheduled in advance. This lets customers give more accurate feedback by not having to schedule an interview weeks in advance and pretend to care when the time comes - CarMax meets it's customers in the moments that matter to them - live using the site of their own volition.[Read more.]

New Screeners Overview

Keeping track of recruiting screeners and team members can be challenging, so we've spiffed up the main screeners overview section of Ethnio. Now you can drag and drop screeners to custom folders, easily see traffic, team members, and JavaScript IDs. Rolling out across all accounts over the next couple weeks.[Read more.]

How Our Lovely Customers Use Ethnio

People ask us about how startups, giant companies, governments, consultancies, and everything in between can use ethnio. So let’s go over a few gnarly specifics about how company size, budget, research goals, and technical capabilities correlate with ethnio usage.[Read more.]

Find Participants in Specific Cities

Now you can choose to have your ethnio screener only display for cities you choose. Perfect for recruiting in-person participants near a specific location. Or inviting people to some kind of weird research party.   [Read more.]

Tracking Studies

Keeping track of your UX research studies, which methods you used, when they were completed, who worked on them, and what the key findings were is always a sticky point of teams for more than a few UX researchers. We'd like to help.[Read more.]

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