Send out screener links via email or post on social media

Email a direct link to your Ethnio screener or post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You can even put the link in a Craigslist ad or give it to your recruiter to send to potential participants.

  • Qualifying logic, page logic, and drill downs so you can get in-depth with your screening
  • Edit metadata the page title, even the sorry state
  • 16 question types including NPS/Opinion/Likert whether you love or hate NPS, opinion scale question are probably in your toolkit
  • Optimize social media posts with a custom image, headline, and meta tags

All your qual dreams come true

Whether scheduling 1:1 sessions or recruiting for a diary study, the Responses section is a powerful tools for analyzing your participants. Get detailed feedback from stakeholders—generate a URL that hides PII and lets your stakeholders comment on potential participants.

  • Call respondents right from ethnio want to phone screen? Just click a phone number to call a respondent
  • Take notes and update each status mark someone as contacted, dismissed, or anything you want for your whole team to see
  • Organize your answers filter and sort which questions should be displayed
  • Get alerts & notifications via Slack, email, sounds, and more. Be notified instantly and include stakeholders

SSL, GDPR, and more

From data submission to storage to expiration, Ethnio offers the full spectrum of security and privacy for research screener data.

International & localizable

Every single button and link and object in Ethnio works in any language on the planet. Even scheduling can use different time/date formats for the language you specify.

Screen, schedule, and pay

Capture responses and automatically follow up to schedule them later using Ethnio Scheduling. Run any workflow you’d like, including capturing general research opt-ins or running specific campaigns to find the right participants.

  • Send respondents on a journey with drill-downs and unlimited questions and pages
  • Qualify respondents for tighter results
  • Automatically schedule in-person or remote interviews using Scheduling
  • Pay completed respondents and participants automatically if you’d like with Incentives
  • Create Pool triggers to define questions and automatically add respondents to a specific pool segment

Qualifying logic, drill-down logic, page logic, oh my

Automatically funnel your respondents to the right survey, study, scheduler, or opt-in for future research studies. You have full control based on answers your respondents provide.

  • Send participants to a third party tool using a recipe you define
  • Disqualify respondents based on any questions
  • Branch respondents to different survey flow elements

We use Ethnio when we need to talk to people that a recruitment agency wouldn't be able to find. Other recruitment methods just don't cut it.

Light survey & quant support

Create simple surveys as part of the screener tool and get instant feedback on your most important customer, and product questions. With the ability to download a list of responses or even a filtered responses you can manage every stage of your workflow..

  • Export your data to XLSX, CSV, or XML
  • Apply custom coding to categorize and organize every kind of data entry
  • Randomization & groups for advanced multi-select
  • Generate graph responses for closed-ended questions and even location

Designed for research teams

Built for teams with 5+ researchers, recruiters, or ResearchOps staff, Ethnio was designed for your workflow.

Enterprise-level Security

From data submission to storage to expiration, Ethnio offers the full spectrum of security and privacy for research screener data.

Sixteen question types

Choose from 16 question types when creating a screener and take advantage of the complexity and detail of Ethnio versus a regular survey tool.

  • Hidden external variable pass any data you have about your customers to Ethnio for either filtering or targeting
  • Scheduling manage qual scheduling completely
  • Radio buttons on close-ended questions for international language and pretty much anything
  • Magic drill-down in-line branching to show a whole branch of questions

Global opt in page

In addition to specific study recruiting that you might need, you can also use an Ethnio screener as a fully branded opt-in page for general research participants.

  • Create a form you can embed or link to to source new research participants
  • Opt-in clusters track from any tool or any site
  • Opt-outs import from email marketing tools like qualtrics

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