Don't settle for generic participants

Use Ethnio to intercept respondents from anywhere in your product ecosystem. You can intercept through web or iOS/Android. Customize your intercepts with 30+ targeting variables to gather the right feedback in the right place in your online journey.

  • App intercepts in both iOS and Android. More info
  • Web intercepts with desktop and mobile viewport support/styles, and infinite branding options
  • Timer, limiter, targeting, variables and everything you need to launch your intercept with confidence

Fully control intercept triggers

Control exactly when and where your intercept appears using variables. Ensure visitors don’t get bombarded with more than one intercept at any given time with Ethnio’s intercept exclusivity.

  • Limiter automatically shut-off after you get a certain number of responses.
  • Timer choose the dates, times, and days of the week your screener will appear.
  • Variables and custom targeting if you track something about your site visitors or customers, you can use that data to decide who sees a screener

Ethnio makes traditional research recruiting obsolete. I know I’m getting the right participants because they’re OUR users; they’re already using the product and motivated to get something done.

Pro + Enterprise Plans Only

Targeting with External Variables

Show your intercept to a specific region, device, or even pass data about your users to Ethnio using our custom targeting filters. Get exactly the right people in the right moment.

  • Target by the device, browser, location, or OS with 85% accuracy
  • Random sampling set by display interval or variables
  • Custom targeting filters to work more closely with your process and research goals

Performance and Stability

Ethnio makes sure no external code is going to slow down your site or app. With an average load time of 8ms Ethnio uses Pingdom, New Relic, and other industry-standard tools to measure performance. You can always check for the latest.

  • Maintain strong usability with 8ms load time
  • Keep on track of your transaction times
  • Monitor all stats from one place

Worried about too many intercepts?

Already running Intercom, Qualtrics, and other intercepts? The last thing you want is another. You want to do great UX research recruiting.

No problem:
intercept exclusivity

Guarantee your visitors don't get bombarded with more than one intercept at any time.

Light Survey & Quant Support

Create simple surveys as part of the screener tool and get instant feedback on your most important customer, and product questions. With the ability to download a list of responses or even a filtered responses you can manage every stage of your workflow.

  • Export data to XLSX, CSV, or XML
  • Apply custom coding to categorize and organize every kind of data entry
  • Randomization & groups for advanced multi-select
  • Generate graph responses for closed-ended questions and even location

Screen, schedule, and pay

Capture responses and automatically follow up to schedule them later using Ethnio Scheduling. Run any workflow you’d like, including capturing general research opt-ins or running specific campaigns to find the right participants.

  • Send respondents on a journey with drill-downs and unlimited questions and pages
  • Qualify respondents for tighter results
  • Automatically schedule in-person or remote interviews using Scheduling
  • Pay completed respondents and participants automatically if you’d like with Incentives
  • Create Pool triggers to define questions and automatically add respondents to a specific pool segment

16 question types

Choose from 16 question types when creating a screener and take advantage of the complexity and detail of Ethnio versus a regular survey tool.

  • Scheduling manage qual scheduling completely
  • Magic drill down in-line branching to show a whole branch of questions
  • Hidden external variable pass any data you have about your customers to Ethnio for either filtering or targeting
  • Radio buttons on close-ended questions for international language and pretty much anything

Infinite Design & Branding

There are no limits to custom themes in Ethnio. Anything is possible and we work with you based on any fidelity you’d like to provide. That means you can send us sketches, CSS, PSDs, Sketch files, or even a functioning InVision prototype (which is extra awesome!)

  • No limits to design — working with any designs, question flow, or animations of your choice
  • Design templates if you need

Security, Privacy, SSO, GDPR, and more

Want to transmit via SSL? Ethnio supports whatever protocol you’d like, and we only have access to data stored in your screeners for support issues. We’ve been audited in detail for security by companies ranging from Facebook to Oracle. You can read in detail about our security in this PDF.
Security Overview

All Your Qual Dreams Come True

For most types of qual research, whether scheduling 1:1 sessions or recruiting for a diary study, the Responses section gives you powerful tools to find the right participants. Get feedback from stakeholders—generate a URL that hides PII and lets your stakeholders comment on potential participants.

  • Call respondents right from ethnio want to phone screen? Just click a phone number to call a respondent
  • Take notes and updates status mark someone as contacted, dismissed, or anything else for your whole team to see
  • Filter and sort choose which answers and questions should be displayed
  • Alerts & notifications Slack, email, sounds, and more. Get notified instantly and include stakeholders

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Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at or call (888) 879 7439

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Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at or call (888) 879 7439

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Is Ethnio the right platform for your research team?

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Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at or call (888) 879 7439

Updating rocket

Hate forms? We get it. Feel free to email us at or call (888) 879 7439