Slides from UXRN2 Oct '18 in Pasadena

 LA UX Researchers Willing to Mentor:


Slides from UXRN1 Aug '18 in Santa Monica

LA UX Research Groups & Events: 

LA Companies with Full-Time UX Researchers:

  • AT&T
  • ADP
  • Genius Sports
  • Headspace
  • Bird
  • Disney
  • Blizzard
  • IMDB Pro
  • Remote from Amazon, FB, Netflix, Google
  • ???

UX Research Education in LA:

  • General Assembly (UX Intensive? Research Class?)
  • Art Center: Art of Research
  • UCLA Informatics
  • New USC Masters

General UXR Groups & Events

These aren't LA-based, but great resources for UX Research