UXR and Research Ops Events in LA in 2024

We're excited for more UX Research events and Re Ops around LA in 2024. Check back here for more updates soon.

Around Los Angeles and into UXR and/or Research Ops? So are we, and looking to do more in-person meetups again now that Things Are Normal. Stay tuned.

LA UX Research Groups & Events: 

LA Companies with Full-Time UX Researchers:

  • AT&T

  • ADP

  • Genius Sports

  • Headspace

  • Disney

  • Blizzard

  • IMDB Pro

  • Remote from Amazon, FB, Netflix, Google

  • ???

UX Research Education in LA:

  • General Assembly (UX Intensive? Research Class?)

  • Art Center: Art of Research

  • UCLA Informatics

  • New USC Masters

General UXR Groups & Events

These aren't LA-based, but great resources for UX Research

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