UX Research Community in LA

We're excited to be hosting ongoing UX Research Nights around LA— Check out all the events from uxrn.in! You can find slides from the events, mentor links, and resources for UX Research in Southern California in this post below, and also: 

Slides from UXRN2 Oct '18 in Pasadena

 LA UX Researchers Willing to Mentor:


Slides from UXRN1 Aug '18 in Santa Monica

LA UX Research Groups & Events: 

LA Companies with Full-Time UX Researchers:

  • AT&T

  • ADP

  • Genius Sports

  • Headspace

  • Bird

  • Disney

  • Blizzard

  • IMDB Pro

  • Remote from Amazon, FB, Netflix, Google

  • ???

UX Research Education in LA:

  • General Assembly (UX Intensive? Research Class?)

  • Art Center: Art of Research

  • UCLA Informatics

  • New USC Masters

General UXR Groups & Events

These aren't LA-based, but great resources for UX Research

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