Looking for Ruby Developers

If you've worked for 3+ years with Rails, JS, and React and are interested in serious architecture challenges in a fast-moving environment that helps UX researchers around the world, join the Ethnio team!

Brief description

The focus for this engineering position is back-end Ruby on Rails development. Daily standup Zoom @ 8am CA time. Some fairly large organizations ranging from Netflix to the IRS have our JS on their sites so deep JS and React experience is a must. Ethnio gets in the ballpark of 500M pageviews per month, and has done a lot of optimization to maintain reliability, security, and stability at the Enterprise level while being really ridiculously lean.

You'll Need

Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field plus three (3) years of software development, software engineering, or related experience: building custom systems; implementing messaging between hardware using SNMP; refactoring code and fixing bugs; writing test cases to understand test requirements and scope; estimating new projects; designing frontend features; developing features for software development tools; working with ActiveAdmin framework; and utilizing Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ActiveAdmin, RSpec, CSS, SASS, Redis, JQuery, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB. Telecommuting permissible.

Job Duties
  • Lead the design and development of applications for our Ethnio UX market research CRM software.

  • Maintain and troubleshoot our existing web applications to ensure smooth and efficient performance.

  • Write and maintain reliable Ruby software code and integrate our applications with reliable data storage solutions.

  • Architect and design our software and integrate APIs and third-party tolls into our platform, enabling the ongoing development and optimization of our software solutions.

  • Work across software stack utilizing Ruby, Rails and Reach, JavaScript/TypeScript, and related software development technologies.

  • Lead application design, architecture, and programming, including developing and maintaining a high standard for modular and test-driven code.

  • Utilize dynamic programming languages and technologies, including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/Typescript, and HTML/CSS/SASS.

  • Build and implement features and application architecture to enhance customer engagement, growth, and monetization on Ethnio’s CRM software platform.

  • Develop and optimize server scripts and business intelligence tools using web application software and relational databases such as PostgreSQL.

  • Participate in technical design, evaluating trade-offs, and building consensus around technical decisions.

  • Develop, validate, and implement system requirements and specifications, designing schemes and architecture-driven software solutions based on user requirements.

What We Offer
  • Full-time salary position commensurate with experience.

  • Full Benefits in any state in the US including Anthem Platinum PPO/EPO, Dental, and Vision, plus coverage for dependents. 

  • Paid vacation accrual incentive that begins with two weeks vacation your first year, adding one additional week of paid vacation each year thereafter.

  • Flexible work hours and location.

  • In addition to our vacation accrual policy, employees are provided 5 sick days, and 10 paid holidays.

  • Equity is offered on a four-year vesting schedule, which begins to accrue after 12 months. 

  • Co-working close to your neighborhood wherever that may be. 

  • Revenue-sharing bonus EOY based on company and individual performance.

How to Apply 

Send resume to: info@ethn.io

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