Ethnio's Donate Portion to Charity Feature Gets a Powerful AI Upgrade

With Ethnio, participants can donate a portion of their incentives to charity. Find out how our latest AI can simplify management and provide participants with culturally relevant experiences. 🕊

We love that Ethnio lets us customize every element of the incentive emails and redemption flow for incentives.Anthony VerardiResearch Program Manager II, Duolingo

You’ve probably seen a lot of companies sprinkle AI into their products, most often with some kind of useless “summarize with AI” feature. We’ve decided to take a different approach to incorporating AI; using it for a good cause AND a good use of AI: automatic translations of charity donations and incentives into most every major language, currency, and country.

Our customers have been leveling up their research incentives with Ethnio's Donate Portion feature for years, where participants can share some or all of their incentive with charities in most major countries and currencies. That already drove a 325% increase in donations across 40+ global charities.

Now we want to push that further with automatic AI translations and a brand new centralized translations editor, both currently in beta.

Incentives screenshot

We are relentless with getting the details right for participants and researchers. Improving reach for diverse audiences, simplifying management, and empowering participants with culturally relevant donations.

Discover how simultaneous language support can improve your research ops effectivenessPay participants in their preferred language, and let them share a portion of their reward with charity.

Deep Dive into New Features

New Localization and Simultaneous Language Options

It all starts with a simple single click to translate 🪄 every single field, email, payment method, button, error message, and more.

Translate DE German

The preferred language unlocks from a drop-down menu, instantly adapting and displaying local currencies and amounts and charity descriptions with a seamless donation flow. We leverage three leading AI engines:

Amazon Translate



This give us coverage for over 100 languages, ensuring optimal quality, and we choose the best API automatically for each language. For example, Brazilian Portuguese is generally translated better in DeepL, but Spanish (Argentina) is better with ChatGPT. We then use GeoIP along with browser preference to map the correct language by default to each country:

Screenshot in translations

New Centralized Translations Editor for your Translators

If you deal with localization and multiple languages, you probably know that AI needs a lot of editing. This is where our new centralized editor with XLSX/CSV/G Sheet import and export comes in. It lets you invite translators to review all your languages in one interface and translate every single field in your incentive flow (pages, emails, payments, charities).

Central translations editor

Don’t want to pay for a seat in Ethnio for your localization and translator experts on your team? We have you covered – just share the centralized editor link internally at your company, authenticated via SSO, and they will automatically have a new type of collaborator seat on your Ethnio account as a Translator to edit and update alongside the AI.

Paying participants with Ethnio is amazing. Incentives are easy to disperse, participants love choosing their own rewards, and it's a lifesaver for accounting.Courtney DonnellySr. Research Operations Manager, Workiva

No need for additional account creations and going through a tedious sign up and login process. Imagine your German translator polishing the "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" description directly in the editor, alongside the AI suggestions – seamless collaboration at its finest!

German Editor

Optimize Workflows for Every Researcher's Preference

Managing translations across languages can be daunting. We streamline the process. Export all translations for a language into a spreadsheet to easily identify missing, or mismapped content. Need to update a charity name across languages? Simply edit it in the spreadsheet, and boom! The changes propagate across all languages, saving precious time.

Payment methods in German

Don't want to use the editor?  Select any language from the top right to edit the charity names or any part of the participant experience in the main interface.

Culturally Nuanced Participant Experience

Did you know managing languages and charities isn't enough if currency formatting isn’t perfect?

If a participant wants to give 5 EUR because they are in Italy, they need to show the exact right order of currency symbol and name for both the charity portion and their portion. We made sure there's no confusion about € symbols or ¥ placement. Ensuring perfect currency formatting based on the participant's location and chosen charity.

Now your French participant in Paris sees "Médecins Sans Frontières" and additional relevant charities based on their region, alongside global choices. Contributing to meaningful to local causes with the exact currency exchange. 

How do research ops teams outside of Ethnio solve this?

They don’t. No other research platform offers the option for participants to select a portion of their reward to donate to charity, simultaneous AI translations, and automatic translator seats for localization teams. 

Challenges Without Ethnio
🚫 Scrambling with spreadsheets – Manually translating donation flows is time-consuming and error-prone, leading to logistical nightmares and participant frustration.

🚫 Limited participant reach – Restricting research scope and hindering data diversity.

🚫 Cultural Disconnect – Generic donation options fail to resonate with participants from diverse backgrounds, impacting engagement and contribution rates.

Ethnio Incentives
✅ Seamless Experience – Automatic language detection and intuitive workflows ensure a seamless donation journey for every participant.

✅ Culturally Relevant – Country-specific charity filtering and accurate currency formatting build trust and engagement, for maximized participant satisfaction.

✅ Time-Saving Efficiency – AI translation and easy management tools free up valuable resources, empowering you to focus on what matters most.


 Ethnio empowers research teams with meticulous attention to detail and a user-centric approach. With this latest update, research teams and participants access streamlined localization, improved participant experiences, and expanded reach. This embodies our commitment to user-centricity, innovation, and inclusivity.

Join the global, inclusive, and impactful future of user research.Trusted by thousands of other research ops folks and UXRs who care about the details of participant management, not some VCs ideas of will grow 1000x.

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