Announcing The Independence of Ethnio

We’re thrilled to announce that ethnio has grown up and is ready to become a separate entity. As of today, we wave goodbye to Bolt | Peters and say hello to our very own company named, shockingly, ethnio.

We will continue to provide the only? best UX research recruiting solution on the planet, and the service you’re accustomed to. In fact, the third major release of ethnio is about to drop. We’ll be offering a sweeter design, integrated calling powered by Twilio, sub-accounts, cleaner branching logic, and lots more. We have a mission to let the world do more and better functional design research, and this is the next step. Here’s a taste of the elegant login screen:

If you’re already an ethnio customer, nothing changes except you get the great new v3. We’ll still bill you the exact same way and your plan will stay the same unless you change it. Support can still be had by emailing or using our support site. We’ll also still benefit from the quirky brand of Bolt | Peters video work with the first new ethnio video in three years - a cartoon-style piece set to a poem (still frame below).

If you’re not an ethnio customer yet, the 30-day trial lets you do a ton of recruiting. Check it out. As for why this is happening, it’s primarily because ethnio has grown to almost 100 million pageviews per month, which means our customer support, performance, and design volume has become too large to balance with a consulting company. Good problem, as they say. Secondarily, we could do things like take investment or give equity to our team in a much easier fashion. The tertiary reasons all have to do with the fact that it's just about time for this, after five years. Stay tuned via @ethnio or this blog to find out more about the shadowy team of UX research enthusiasts who are now running ethnio. Finally, as a reward for reading this whole thing, check out a screen shot of the new "find participants on twitter" feature. Thanks for reading this far - we appreciate everyone's usage and support, and can't wait to release the new video and design!

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