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Don’t be scared by Thumbtack’s Research Ops team of one. It’s screamingly efficient.

Learn how Thumbtack assembled the foundation for research ops, and evolved into an effective, scalable operations function – all with a team of one.

Maya Geary
Maya Geary
Experience Research
Erik Olesund
Erik Olesund
Experience Research

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Slicing and Scaling UX Research: How NerdWallet serves up research for the entire organization

Get a detailed play-by-play from NerdWallet researchers on how to run workshops that teach research internally without losing control.

Kimbra mcpherson
Kimra McPherson
Lead User Experience Researcher
Orly sibony
Orly Sibony
User Researcher

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Personas & Pool: how to cross-reference and track your personas in Pool

Download the first Ethnio webinar and catch up on the latest strategies for using Pool to deal with personas and tags. Learn how to track your personas from one of the most expert ops researchers in the industry.

Sarah Kettles
Director of Research
The Zebra
Nate Bolt

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