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How Our Lovely Customers Use Ethnio

People ask us about how startups, giant companies, governments, consultancies, and everything in between can use ethnio. So let’s go over a few gnarly specifics about how company size, budget, research goals, and technical capabilities correlate with ethnio usage.[Read more.]

Find Participants in Specific Cities

Now you can choose to have your ethnio screener only display for cities you choose. Perfect for recruiting in-person participants near a specific location. Or inviting people to some kind of weird research party.   [Read more.]

Tracking Studies

Keeping track of your UX research studies, which methods you used, when they were completed, who worked on them, and what the key findings were is always a sticky point of teams for more than a few UX researchers. We'd like to help.[Read more.]

5 Key Ingredients for UX Research Recruiting

The upfront work of finding the right participants for UX research is like a dress rehearsal for the live performance. To have a successful recruit, you should take the screening process as seriously as the research itself.    Whether using an agency or doing it yourself, there are 5 key ingredients to avoid a flop performance.  [Read more.]

All New Scheduling

Everything is new. We've re-designed scheduling from the ground up, including more reliable communication, better time zone support, export to Outlook and iCal, backups/alternates, and a new fast mode where ethnio chooses participants for you and invites them to participate automatically. If you use the scheduling feature in ethnio, or have thought about using it, here's the list of everything we've just changed to make it way easier to use and more reliable.[Read more.]

Back in The Saddle

After two years of Facebook and Instagram research work, we're excited to launch the fourth major ethnio release since 2009. Basically, we re-wrote every single line of code to allow you to recruit participants from any device.  [Read more.]

Shopify's Logic & Screening

Shopify bottom-locked their screener to the home page, then asked questions that filtered particular participants to take a third-party study tool, card sort, etc. They recruited and scheduled participants for live phone interviews and rewarded them with Shopify credit for their feedback and time.[Read more.]

The Third Release Has Arrived

  We've made it drastically easier to create and customize screeners, introduced some rad new features, and generally become even more serious about our mission to help you recruit participants for your research. [Read more.]

2013 Beta

After six months of work, our beta is ready for you to start playing with if you have an existing ethnio account.[Read more.]

Automatic Scheduling

  Finding and tracking research interview times is a huge pain in the ass. We aim to make that easier with Ethnio Scheduling. Participants choose times that work for them, we automatically detect and handle time zones, and you can export to iCal, Outlook, or gCal. [Read more.]

Announcing The Independence of Ethnio

We’re thrilled to announce that ethnio has grown up and is ready to become a separate entity. As of today, we wave goodbye to Bolt | Peters and say hello to our very own company named, shockingly, ethnio.[Read more.]

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