Our #UXRConf contest winner @GenevieveDezso

She created an AMAZING poem that reads as a user one way, and as a designer/researcher another way.

Genevieve Dezso

Shout-out to @Cydharrell for being our continuing inspiration for poetry and research.

Our Contest!

We know not everyone can fork over thousands of dollars to get to a UX research conference in Toronto. So we set up this contest for people who are into UX research, but might not have the means to attend.

To Enter all you had to do was tweet a poem about UX research. Haiku, rhyming or not rhyming, inspired by songs — pretty much any kind of poem will do. It just had to fit inside a tweet, or a screenshot in your tweet, or a video in your tweet.

What did you need to say in your tweet? 

  • Write a poem about UX Research: For example, this terrible Haiku: “Understanding them. A complex research study. Beyond the design.”
  • Tag the@ethnio twitter account.
  • Use the hashtag #UXRConf. 

More about the conference

#UXRConf took place in downtown Toronto, Canada. We brought together researchers, designers and product people for listening, learning, and conversation about UX research. You can see the whole program over on uxrconference.com.