We made three new responsive themes for placing Ethnio JavaScript on your site to kick off 2015. They work with almost every browser (stares menacingly at IE8) and device. The look of ethnio themes on your site has a huge impact on conversion and keeping the experience of every visitor consistent with your normal site or app experience. So here they are in order of coolness:




Top Scroll

See how it looks right on this page

For any long "scrolly" page where you might not want an ethnio invite to appear until your visitor scrolls past a certain point, you can set the scroll point and customize the colors, but the basic idea is that it slides down from the top of the browser and is always full-width. See what it looks like on this page here.



Bottom Wide

See how it looks right on this page

One of our most popular themes is the "bottom" theme because it slides up unobtrusively from the bottom of the browser frame, but it's small. Really small. This theme is just slightly wider and allows for a logo. Colors can be customized but not fonts because of the confines of third party JavaScript.



All in One

See how it looks right on this page

Sometimes it's nice to simply display a screener or survey all at one time, without a separate invite step. We've seen this format convert much higher, ostensibly because the respondent can see exactly what's being asked of them from start to finish. They can make a snap judgement on if it seems like an appropriate amount of questions that they'd be willing to fill out. There's still a normal "thanks" screen that loads afterwards,