Using Ethnio's logic feature, Shopify asked a few critical questions which determined who received an invite to take the online exercise. You can do that, or use bottom-locked to recruit for other types of research. It's completely up to you! 




“We use Ethnio when we need to talk to people that a recruitment agency just wouldn't be able to find. We often want people who are in the early stages of researching or using our product, and are in the right mindset. Other recruitment methods just don't cut it for these situations. Every project is different and experimentation with copy, incentives, scheduling and style in Ethnio is important to improve results. The fact that this kind of on-the-fly editing is supported is what makes the tool unique.”



-Lynsey T.

UX Research Lead,


Shopify was able to gather clear and constructive feedback on their web experience—scheduling participants for live phone interviews and incentivizing them with credit. Ethnio's ability to pay, schedule and recruit participants that agencies simply cannot find made all the difference for the e-commerce company making shopping better for everyone.