There are a few major improvements to this main area, which are outlined in detail below. The highlights are also pictured above, which includes new folders on the left, a display of traffic to each screener, quick edit shortcuts, and a URL label you can customize to keep track of the source for each screener. For example, if you emailed out a direct link to a screener, you can add a label titled "Emailed," and if you placed JavaScript on a product page for another screener, you can use the label "Product Page." The last detail is for teams of more than one ethnio user, where you can see the owner of each screener.  

Screener Search

Who doesn't love a good keyboard shortcut? Now when you are on screeners overview if you tap s, you will automatically be in the search field where you can easily find screener names or ID numbers.


Manage Traffic

Now if you've placed ethnio JavaScript on multiple pages, and you want to switch which screener displays, you can see traffic, owner, and display interval (that's how often a screener displays for a given implementation) at a glance.

Quick Traffic Summary

On each screener, you can see the traffic going to that screener, the ID, and if you've placed JavaScript for that screener, the URL that is sending traffic. You can even click that URL to open the JavaScript Placement Indicator which lets you write a custom label. 


Quick Edit

Rolling over the pencil icon on any screener gives you quick access to turning the screener on/off, setting a limiter, timer, or just getting a preview or direct link URL. If this saves you a couple clicks, then we are happy. And that's about it for the big changes - hope it makes your participant recruiting just a little bit smoother.