What's new with Ethnio

Over the last few weeks we've launched some fantastic new features to streamline your research ops. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback and hope you enjoyed being the participants for a change! Here are a few important updates to know about.Note: for all the up-to-date Ethnio hotness, check out updates.ethn.io

Opt-outs and Personalization Variables

With the new opt out and personalization variables from Ethnio Pool you can easily add key data points into any email distribution. This also allows you to automatically track opt outs and exclude them from future emails.

Locked Timezones 

You can now disable automatic timezone detection for in-person studies from an option inside the scheduling question. This will ensure nobody traveling or using a VPN will get an invite with a different timezone. Which will force all your respondents to only view and select times in the location your in-person study is taking place. Learn more » 

Pool Member Activity

See every type of activity for a given participant across all studies, screeners, uploads, and sources. This means when anyone from your team schedules or pays a participants, everything will show up in one place—organized and categorized in one place.

Change Owner

As you know, every screener has an owner. With this update, you can easily see who created the screener and change it to make it clear who's running the project. You can also quickly set the permission and pass ownership to someone else on your team if they’ll be moderating the session.

New Pool Filters

Filter by “number of screeners filled out” and “interviews completed”. While you can already filter on all types of data in Pool, these two new filters should help with managing specific cohorts and segments in future studies.

Coming Soon

Smoothing & cost of living adjustments: if you're using Ethnio to pay participants in multiple countries around the world, keep an eye out for this helpful new feature. You'll be able to see a rough guide on the expected percentage difference in research incentives based on cost of living. This already exists as part of our free Incentive Calculator, which you can check out right now.

Multiple admin accounts: if you're working in large teams and need to manage or assign specific permissions regularly, this is a great feature to look out for. Having two admins can be handy if you want drag and drop screeners without having to mess with permissions. 

Any questions about your use of Ethnio?

We'd be happy to help! Send us a message here: info@ethn.io

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