If you want to find a way to intercept visitors and potentially leverage an existing feedback slide-out, just use the existing page content to link to an Ethnio screener. Since a mechanism for feedback might already exist, simply keep that in place and link to an Ethnio screener directly.


Take advantage of a current feedback drawer, customizing a sign up button and description that naturally sends visitors to a screener. 

FEC screener in drawer 

With Ethnio you have complete control over the design, appearance, and language of a screener. You can easily apply colors, styles and logo to the screener, integrating the response into your web experience.

Mobile & accessibility issues

If there are concerns about how an Ethnio screener might display on mobile, rest assured our screeners are fully accessible for all mobile devices and screen readers. 

The Outcome

Having the ability to add a web intercept and integrate Ethnio into an existing feedback mechanism is a unique workaround when you can't place external JavaScript for an intercept. Testing features quickly is essential in helping any product team meet their goals and make information on the democratic process more accessible for everyone.