The focus of this release is mobile. The basics include mobile-friendly responsive screeners (try resizing this one or see the image below), improved automatic scheduling, better security, and faster live intercept filtering - here's a little primer on live intercept testing. The mobile screener below is far more customizable than previous ethnio versions - you can set the color and spacing of most everything now to match your brand. And note that this will apply to both JavaScript and Direct Link versions of our screeners. And for the low-down on why it's been two years of Facebook work, here's an article with those details.



Most of the changes in this release are under the hood, but if you've placed our code on your site and noticed screeners didn't automatically adjust to mobile or play nice with your responsive designs, you'll now see that our screeners automatically detect Viewport and display a mobile version. To try that out, simply place ethnio JavaScript on a responsive or mobile site. We're still working on an iOS library to allow ethnio intercepts from iOS apps, and we've also greatly improved the automatic scheduling feature, including a new calendar and approval process (below).



We also just hit one million participants recruited for research, so big thanks to the team here at ethnio - Vitaly, Yulia, and Lindsey - for keeping things going with relatively little input, and another big thanks to our informal advisors to ethnio - Cyd Harrell, Jodi Leo, Mike Towber. With more participants coming through ethnio, there's also more design control over direct screeners to accomodate researchers that place ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to target researcher participants. On the tech side, we've upgraded to Rails 3.2.16 on Ruby 2.0, running on Nginx and Unicorn with PostgresSQL and are using a few cool things like Angular.js and Rails caching based on Redis. Please comment below or email us with any questions whatsoever.