Automatic Scheduling


Finding and tracking research interview times is a huge pain in the ass. We aim to make that easier with Ethnio Scheduling. Participants choose times that work for them, we automatically detect and handle time zones, and you can export to iCal, Outlook, or gCal. 


The basic idea is you'll define the times and days your testing happens, then grant ethnio access to your Google Calendar, so if you have appoinments that already exist, it will not show those times as available to participants. But that's just so we can keep the design elegant and usable, and let folks try it out. Then your screener will only show times you have available to participants so they can select times that work for them. If you move participants  or block out times on your calendar, those times will instantly no longer appear to participants. Someday we might even work with Exchange (whudup corporate I.T. folks). 



This is a window into one of the many parts of our upcoming re-design. Below is the interface where you define the basic days and times, and then you use your own Google Calendar to block out specifc times or move participants around. We're considering automatic reminders via email, text, and phone calls using our new Twilio integration, but that's one of those maybe-not-in-v1 features. Drop any questions in the comments and thanks for perusing this little preview.



And if you made it this far, by far the coolest part of the interface is the three categories of reminders that you can customize and have ethnio send to your participants. Emails, text messages, and phone calls, set to go out as it gets closer to the time of the interview.


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